Grand Slam Finals Official Line-Up

Don’t forget, GRAND SLAM FINALS is only six days away (March 25th at Farrington High School).

The long qualifying process has resulted in 17 poets receiving automatic placement in the finals. Points were rewarded for performance appearances, returning team members, making the second round in a 2nd SATurday qualifier, winning a qualifier and being a featured poet. After seven months of qualifying competition the final seeding for GRAND SLAM FINALS reads:

17. Ian Lactaoen
16. Solomon Stoddard
15. Chloe Selarque
14. Hannah Matsunaga
13. Leah Huber
12. Amanda Hutchinson
11. Joanna Gordon
10. Brian Liu
9. Mina Fujisaki
8. Keala Morrell
7. Kamden Hilliard
6. Trudy Hodnefield
5. Harrison Ines
4. Joe Rodriguez
3. Serena Simmons
2. Noa Helela
1. Faith Pascua

Plus four “storm” poets registered on a first come, first signed basis the night of the show. Top 10 poets of the first round move onto the second round. Top 6 poets of the second round make the team which will compete at Brave New Voices in San Francisco.

Tickets are 10 dollars. Funds go to sending the team to this year’s BNV tournament.

Be there to cheer on your favorites (but you know they’re all your favorites) and support the next generation.


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