It’s Coming

Youth Speaks Hawai’i 2011 Grand Slam Finals

On Friday, March 25th, beginning at 6:00pm in the Farrington High School Auditorium, Youth Speaks Hawai’i presents its biggest event of the year: Grand Slam Finals. The top qualifying poets from the previous season, plus a few open “storm” poets, compete to determine the top six poets of the year. Winners receive a roundtrip ticket, plus room and transportation, to the Brave New Voices youth poetry festival in San Francisco and the opportunity to represent Hawai’i in international competition.

Twenty poets, six finalists, two rounds, one night.

Tickets are ten dollars with all money going to send the team to BNV. Pre-sale tickets include a free “Youth Speaks Hawaii Legends” chapbook. Event t-shirts available for fifteen dollars.

Official event flier

Competition information:
20 competitor slots consist of the top 14 2nd Saturday qualifiers, the top 2 finishers from the March 2nd Saturday and 4 “storm” poets (first come, first served at sign-in). All poets must be in attendance at the time of sign-in or they lose their slot.

The 4 storm poets pick from slots 1 through 4, March 2nd place poet goes 5th and March first place goes 6th. The remaining poets occupy slots 7 through 20 in ascending order of qualifier points.

Poems must be less than 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, with a ten second grace period. After the grace period is over a time penalty is levied for every 10 seconds the poet goes over time. Time begins at the poet’s first utterance (ie: if the poet says “Hi” or “Thank you” or “I love you too, Faith” the time will start).

Scoring is slam standard: five judges scoring 0 to 10 with the high and low scores dropped for a possible total of 30. Top ten poets move to the second round. Top six cumulative scores, out of a possible 60, earn a place on the Youth Speaks Hawai’i travel squad.

For further information or pre-sale tickets please contact or (808) 782-7868.

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  1. Sterling Higa says:

    Excellent work Jess!

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